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The "plat du jour" or daily special is often a very good deal in cafe's or bistros. One of the things I enjoy about France is participating in what I call "courtesy rituals." For example, in a shop or a petro station/mini mart you may see a tray or small plate on the counter. If, so, place your money on the tray instead of handing it to the cashier directly. They will take up your money, and put the change on the tray for you to take. In large supermarkets, however, I have found that a direct hand to hand transfer is the norm. Expect to be greeted in any shop or store you enter, so get into a regular habit of saying "Bonjour" to just about every one you meet! Even if you lack confidence in French, I recommend trying to use it as I have found that people appreciate any well-meaning attempt I make to speak their language, and that once I have shown my respect thus, they will often switch to English to make things easier. Just my 2 pence based on my experience. Have a wonderful trip! I'll be following in spirit!
I know a smattering of French and have been saying bonjour, merci beaucoup, tre bien, Bon nui (all possibly spelt wrong here but you get the idea).

Where I am staying tonight the woman knows a wee bit more English than I do French. At times I feel like I am in an episode of Allo Allo, but with lots of charade moves etc. but we get there. It is part of the excitement and learning with travel.

After many kilometres in motorways today it was a delight to ride the little lanes between here and Ypres tonight.

Thank you Blader

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