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Originally Posted by fluff34567 View Post
the biggest issue is that the stock bolts are soft and poor material so they break easily.

my upper tank bolts broke after a weekends trail ride - I just replaced them with an 8.8 or 10.2 bolt - cant remember which, and didn't have any problems again.

Though if Perun is making a complete kit upper and lower for 45% less than RR for EU customers and 37% for US then he is onto a nice market, im not even adding the additional purchase cost of the bushings! 55 and 60 euro for the full kit is a bargain!
I have an '08 690e with just over 10k miles, most recently 2300 miles from Yuma to LaPaz and back with a Gen 1 Wolfman rack and soft luggage. I replaced my upper tank bolts when I bought the bike with hardened bolts that I shimmed into place with Delron to mimic the shoulder bolt design of the originals. You can use aluminum sleeves to achieve the same effect. The problem with the original shoulder bolts is so obvious when you pull them, they machine the thread down to the shoulder and that is the weak point that they shear. A solid hardened bolt doesn't have that problem and the sleeve fulfills the shoulder function. The RR design is robust but difficult to access and stupidly expensive, I spent less than $10 at my local fastener outlet. YMMV
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