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Getting out the door.

The plan was to wake up early and head out at 5:00am. It did not work out that way! Now that a few of you have stopped laughing we left at 10:30 am. All in all not bad. There was a choice to hit snooze, food to pack into the cooler, and a three year old out exploring the neighborhood that needed help getting home, and then we were off. There were a few more stops than I'm used to on the way to the Park, although I did eat better than if by myself.

Here we stopped in Hesperia to feed the crew.

Lunch in Hesperia

A little further down the road there was a road rage incident with two cars zipping around traffic. They ended up behind my support vehicle driving like A holes. You just don't do that when the driver's husband is right behind you watching. Being on a bike didn't stop me from solving the situation and he stayed away after that. I wish I would have turned on my camera for that one.

We topped off fuel in Baker, CA where it was 100.4 F. Then headed up the Death Valley Highway. I had forgotten my iPad at the house, which had all my maps and notes on it. So, now we were winging it from my memory until I could get my hands on a map.

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