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We had 40 miles until Saratoga Springs.


Heading to Furnace Creek

The first stop was at the Southern end of the park at Saratoga Springs. This was a street legal only dirt road for about 10 miles, which was washboard/ corrugated most of the way and not marked coming off the highway. I switched into enduro pro, turned off the ABS/ ESA dropped the pressure and headed off.

Airing down, Saratoga Springs

Marker at entrance to Saratoga Springs

Mirror shot

The next turn did have a sign.


Then we were into the park!

Death Valley, Saratoga Springs Entrance

Approaching Saratoga Springs

Pulling up to the parking area it was 105 F late in the afternoon. The average temperature in May is about 95 F. This was a tad bit higher than I was expecting. I was hoping to stay below 100 F with not knowing how some of my inexperienced support team might handle warmer weather.


Temperature at Saratoga Springs

We unloaded and headed out to the springs. About ten feet out the "Cuddler" turned around headed for the air conditioning. It took an elevated two arm carry to convince her she could do it. It was a short walk to see a green oasis with birds and grass against the surrounding desert. This was pretty much the first trip to any desert that I was planing on enjoying. I read another thread where an inmate said the desert had bloomed. That was in early April, I was hoping I hadn't missed it.

Saratoga Springs 2

At some point someone had constructed a rock building overlooking the springs.

Rock Structure, Saratoga Springs

This green rock was just laying in the trail. There was so much color in the park from different minerals that contrasted with the tan you would expect to find.

Green rock, Saratoga Springs

We headed back out to the parking area and loaded up heading back out. When we hit the road I had to air back up. When I opened up my top box there was a surprise!

Poor packing job

I was so proud of myself too! I gathered all the tools I thought I might need, even some I didn't. Rubber cement from the plug kit and JB weld plus bouncing tools thrown in the box taught me a good lesson.

We got back on the pavement to get to Furnace Creek and set up camp for the night. We had 84 miles to roll.


We were nine hours behind schedule so, everything was going to be fluid for the next three days.
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