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Alps, Italy and Croatia report

I made a motorcycle trip by myself in the summer of 2003. Finally I got my act together to report it here! (my other trip done in 2004 in Pyrenees can be read at this link

The trip was 8000 kms (~ 5500 miles). My route was the following: Stockholm-Hamburg-Köln-Munich-Alps (Austrian, Swiss and Italien parts)-Florence-Ancona-Zadar-Split-Dubrovnik-Salzburg-Munich-Hamburg(with autozug train) and finally back home to Stockholm. The whole trip took about 4 weeks.

I was riding my Yamaha TDM 900 during this trip. The bike had no problems at all. For bikers driving 90% of their time on asphalt, I can recommend this bike. I had the original side cases and they performed well too. No water went in etc. In one bag, I had my camping gear and in the other one personal items. The tankbag is from Oxford ( and I can recommend it too. It is a very flexible designed bag. It can be used as a backbag or shoulderbag if necessary.

Fitting 4 weeks' of camping gear such as tent (i used a lightweight version that bicycle people use), sleeping bag, kitchen etc. plus personal items in two sidecases seem to be a challenge at the beginning but thanks to my dear friend Daniel's wise advice, I managed it. He asked me to put all the gear on the floor and almost without looking at them asked me to take half of it away! I did that and still it was too much. He said wait for a while, like a day and do the same process. Take half of it away. My advice would be that we most of the time tend to pack too much. We need less then we need during the trip but some essentials have to be there with us. Such as silver tape

A nice morning in July, I am leaving Stockholm. Check out my early energy breakfast next to the bike on the floor, a red bull

I drive for about 500kms to Malmo south of Sweden first.

From there I take the beautiful Oresundsbron that connects Sweden to the continental Europe. Side wind is strong.

I continue driving through Denmark. My destination is Bonn in Germany.

I will stay at my friends place there. I am on the German highways also called autobahn. The left lane is full of fast Mercedes, BMWs,Audis and sometimes Porsches. I realize that if I drive on the left lane my speed has to be 150-160km/h. It is a tiring cruising speed for me and the gas consumption increases dramatically thus forcing me for more frequent gas stops. Therefore, I prefer staying on the middle lane and cruise at 130-140 km/h speed. I arrive to Bonn late in the evening. I will stay here for one day, spend good time with my friends and continue my journey.

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