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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
Guy that lives behind me has one....I looked at them when I was buying, but really only to say I looked. He has not had good luck with his.

Engine has been good but the loader and really all the hydraulic stuff has just been a nightmare. Last thing that went was the controls for the loader...the loader was down and would not go back up....made the machine pretty usless till he got it fixed.

That is the only one that I really know about. Could be great tractors and he got a not so good one, but the tractor is a big expense for me and I know I am going to be hard on the machine....I wanted one with a good proven track record.

I've got an 1816, same series tractor, smaller engine. I'd recommend Mahindra to any one, I love mine and every time I use it I only wish I'd gotten it sooner. I think they have the best warranty out there. I've never had a bit of trouble with mine.
They have higher lift capacity and weigh more than the competion for any other brand in the same category.
Don't know what the loader problem is on the tractor mentioned, but it sounds like a problem with the control valve. Keep in mind, the attatchments such as the loader, aren't made by the tractor manufacturer, usually made by a third party.
When I got mine, I had gotten some advice that you're probably better off looking for a reputable dealer within decent distance to your place, rather than the actual brand of tractor.
All in all though, I couldn't be happier with mine and I'd recommend one to anybody.
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