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Personally I think in this day and age they are all pretty much the same. I am just pointing out the problems that he had.

In the class of machine I was looking at it looked like it had a very heavy duty front end on the machine. But I just did not care for it...perhaps it was that guys problem in the back of my head. You know Ford guy vs Chevy guy.

I really wanted the JD but there are a few things that just pushed me away. I wanted the grapple and the little Land Pride was made around the BX Kubota. I also liked the MF a great deal but only 1 dealer within 100 miles. LS and Kioti are the same problem....I really wanted at least 2 dealers inside of 50 miles....that really brought it down to Kubota, New Holland (LS), JD, and Mahendra.

I have been real happy with the Kubota and as far as lifting I have lifted the butt of the tractor off the the power is there for what I need to do. (the backhoe was on as well)...really fricken shocked me, but I think it was the bumpy ground and I had it pretty high as branches and such hung out of the bucket and I kept running over them pulling more crap out of the bucket.

I really wish I had video of that....I had my phone with me but that new Android OS is just killing my battery.

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I've got an 1816, same series tractor, smaller engine. I'd recommend Mahindra to any one, I love mine and every time I use it I only wish I'd gotten it sooner. I think they have the best warranty out there. I've never had a bit of trouble with mine.
They have higher lift capacity and weigh more than the competion for any other brand in the same category.
Don't know what the loader problem is on the tractor mentioned, but it sounds like a problem with the control valve. Keep in mind, the attatchments such as the loader, aren't made by the tractor manufacturer, usually made by a third party.
When I got mine, I had gotten some advice that you're probably better off looking for a reputable dealer within decent distance to your place, rather than the actual brand of tractor.
All in all though, I couldn't be happier with mine and I'd recommend one to anybody.
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