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Will call again

Just picked up my bike not too long ago and am still in the break-in period (love it, so much more aggressive than my GS). Since I am a research guy, I called yesterday concerning the air filter to ask for an update on the situation (KTM US) and was told there was none. The tone of the call was not what I was expecting. After reading the thread, I understand why. Now that I know the Uni voids the warranty, I will call again and make another pitch, as mine is in the mail and planning to be installed next week. At this price range, you should not have to wait for a problem that you know will happen to get a fix (only to really fix it after the warranty expires and other damage done, let alone a lack of confidence in a new vehicle). Does anyone have an email address for KTM US as opposed to a phone number and address? Despite this, safe and happy riding to all.
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