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I have a few questions for you guys. I use CoPilot and have played with Backcountry Navigator on my tablet, so I'm not completely unfamiliar with the tech. I don't use my tablet on my bike due to it's cost and difficulty of mounting/protecting. I'm considering an S5 to replace my old Garmin Oregon for on and off road navigation. So, a few questions/comments.

1. CoPilot I find adequate for my needs for on road use. But it's map set is not even close to accurate with regard to forest service roads. BN is better, but still not great for current maps. The USGS maps are not current; I'd like to find some Motor Vehicle Use Map database (forest service legal roads/trails) to import. Other probem with BN, while it shows your position and records tracks, it doesn't do autorouting. So...are there any apps that have decently accurate FS maps and that support autorouting on forest service roads? (Garmin actually is the best I've seen on this).

2) My Oregon has a mini-USB connection. Keeping it functional on the bike has required some creative redneck engineering with velcro and elastic. Do any of the smartphone connectors function decently under the vibes of a bike? How long do newer smart phone batteries last when GPS is turned on? Will leaving a phone plugged in and charging when the bike isn't running come close to significantly draining the bike battery?

3) How have your devices held up to the shock, vibe and general abuse of off road/gravel road use? Is there a good option for a shock resistant case and Ram mount for the S5? (I don't trust a finger mount).

4) On longer trips when I'm camping I probably would throw my Android tablet in the tank bag, then use it for trip planning at camp. Here I have to show my ignorance....what is the best way to get data, say a GPX file between the 2 devices? Does bluetooth work, or do I need to cable them?

1: More than one app that does routing will allow you to use downloaded maps, which you want to do anyway so you don't have to rely on cell service.

2: I have had a couple instances of power cutout and subsequent app shutdown so far on mine, but haven't delved into the fix for a solid power connection yet.

3: No problems yet with my finger mount and Galaxy S3. I've run some real rough gravel roads and don't baby my travels much at all. I have had complete success with the finger style RAM as far as holding the phone. It grips really well and it's spring loaded in the way that grips tigher if is moves. One serious point on that though! The rubber tips come off REAL easy, after I ordered replacements for the one I brushed against and lost I glued them all on with weatherstrip adhesive, no more issue at all.

4: This is beyond my limited knowledge.
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