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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
jeebus. thats a pretty good one to have sampled.....

nutshell review please

On the model in the picture you've got to have the wheels turning faster than 80 mph to keep the exhaust from heating up your backside. I had it in Dallas city traffic and it was brutal. Once on the freeway I let the big dog eat and it's unreal...definitely not a motorcycle for the unskilled or timid. The noise that thing makes when you're on the gas is pure sex.

I was ripping along with it and a small voice inside my head was telling me "you do know you're on a $72,000 motorcycle..." (I've seen them at $49,000 since the picture was taken). The owner of this bike is a very close friend and he's got two of being a later model with the exhaust re-routed to address the seat heating issue.

I'm trying to talk him into taking both bikes to the Texas Mile and trying to break the sound barrier.
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