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Originally Posted by Benduro View Post
Indeed. I've ridden an R1, and a 954rr and yes, they're amazingly fast.

But my ktm 950sm? Something about silly torque on tap anywhere in the rev range makes playing in traffic unreal. Corner exits too. It's not really in the same category as the bikes you guys are talking about, only topping out in sixth gear at 135, but it sure gets there quick!
And yesterday, I'm going about 10 mph faster than the next lane to my left and come up on a pickup with a giant FMF sticker in the back I pass by him he guns it and matches my speed. I look over at him and he has his window down and his ear out in the wind and the biggest grin ever. These unbaffled Leo Vinces make the most beautiful music to a motor head. Inline fours don't give me that feeling.
Yeah, I love the sound of an uncorked v-twin. I'm always scrambling to roll down my window to hear some kind of motor.

Yesterday, I got to watch a guy who was about 5'2" tall kick start a 50s Harley of some sort. It didn't sound good (potato, potato, potato), but the guy had no problem getting it started using 110% of his weight. He was a gnarly looking dude, too.
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