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I left Florence and heading south east towards Ancona where ferries leave to Greece and Croatia. I decide to make a stop at Perugia, a historical city with interesting old town.

Perugia's old town is really impressive

Typical narrow streets of Italy, one feels like travelling in time

And the town square

I meet 3 turkish bikers in Perugia who came from Greece via en ferry. We chat shortly and then I head towards Ancona. Ancona harbour is not nice place really. Total chaos of cars and trucks. I realized that almost all the ferries to Croatia for that day are full but having a bike is an advantage, there is always a dead corner where a car can't park and in last minute with a lot of convincing tactics (money, vodka, cigarettes) I get on the ferry I am on my way to Croatia.

I land to a town called Zadar. I find a bed and breakfast run by a family that evening and head towards south the next day. Croatia is a beautiful country with an impressive coast line along Adriatic sea. Tourism is an important industry for the country, before the civil war in Yugoslavia, Croatia was a very popular tourist destination for many Europeans. It is becoming popular again. Because of constant wind of mistral, it is very suitable for sailing. I found the infrastructure and qualities of the country above my expectations. Croatians are little reluctant to make the first step to foreigners but open up later. Most of them can speak Italian and German in the northern part of the country. Although their language belongs to slavic group, in contrary to other slavic nations they belong to roman catholic church but not the othodox church. I got the impression that Croatians believe that they are more western European than rest of the nations/ethnic groups in former Yugoslavia. The country doesn't have a very impressive kitchen but hey I am from Turkey, we turks are very difficult to satisfy when it comes to food, because we always think that our food is the best The only disturbing factor about Croatia was the lack of service mindness but I believe in 10 years that will be fixed.

On my way to the town of Split and crossing a bridge where some germans are doing bungee jumping

Croatia has a very beautiful coastline. I love this wind of mistral, it cools me down a little.

On the way, I decide to stop by at the nature resort Krka where there is an impressive collection of fresh water and water falls. At the intersection, I see some oil on the asphalt and slow down. Yes it is a lot of oil on the road! Must be from an accident or truck. The back tire spins little but I have the control. I take a swim in this natural resort.

I also take a boat ride to see islands along the coast line. Most of them are under protection. There are many of these islands, no wonder Croatia is a favorite spot for sailors

Back on my bike, driving towards Split.

Instead of staying in the centre Split, I find this nice hotel with a great view and price

Next destination is famous Dubrovnik....
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