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Originally Posted by DudeClone View Post
what are the "detuned" liter bikes like to ride? like the CBR1000R, FZ1, and Ninja 1000? are they "just a taste" of their faster counterparts are can they up and hustle almost just as well?

do they blast off, too?

the FZ1 may be "detuned," but it will still peel your face off. 85+ in 1st. first time i took it on the highway, i was in 4th at around 65mph, hit some open highway, punched it, went warpspeed blurry, looked down at the speedometer, and was doing 130, still in 4th, in a matter of a couple seconds. it'll also float the front a couple inches off the ground for surprisingly long distances in almost every gear (in first and second with much less than full throttle). and unlike all the recent literbikes, there's no abs or traction control or power modes. it's just you and the throttle.

as to the 600 v 1000 thing, I'd wager that in real world conditions, a 1000 wont be faster anywhere other than the straights, and only marginally faster on a timed closed "real world" course of twisties or anything else other than long straight highway.
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