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Originally Posted by cccolin View Post

as to the 600 v 1000 thing, I'd wager that in real world conditions, a 1000 wont be faster anywhere other than the straights, and only marginally faster on a timed closed "real world" course of twisties or anything else other than long straight highway.
I'd think that in "real world" situations most any torquey bike of similar displacement will feel quicker than either a 600 or 1000cc supersport. Which is more or less why they retune the engines for naked street versions (as with the s1000r).

Factor in traffic, and a bike tuned for the street will "walk away" from the other two at stoplights and filtering through ~35mph traffic, simply because it can squirt into openings without touching the clutch. Maybe the 1000cc supersport will have a slight advantage on the occasional onramp, but give me a bike with a wide power band any day.
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