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Just for a bit of fun, say I wanted to test the speed comparison between say a liter bike and say a comparable 600cc bike, and selected a real world public road (closed) with a bit of everything thrown in to see how they compared. You'd need to have a decent distance, something like just under 40 miles.

So my question is how much quicker do people think a high performance 1000cc bike would cover the 40 miles of real world roads compared to a comparable 600cc bike?

10 minites?
5 minutes?
1 minute?
14.1 seconds?
Did something similar(road wasn't closed, but traffic wasn't around). Definitely not IOM TT stuff. I was riding the gf's GSXR750 following a buddy on his S1000RR. Comparable riding skills. If the road was pretty twisty I kept pace. If there were straights or long flowing sweepers, he could walk away from me. There is one particular uphill section of sweepers call Horsepower Hill. It was readily apparent the S1000RR had more juice ascending. I've been on the same stretch on several liter bikes and there is a noticeable difference on how hard you could accelerate while riding that section of the mountain vs. a smaller bike.

At the end of the ride how far apart were we? A few seconds. Granted it wasn't completely gonzo riding either. I used to "jump to warp" a lot, anymore I tend to focus on being fast through the twisties and not blasting the straights. There are a few long straights where my buddy on the S1000RR could have rung it out to ludicrous speeds and added a few more seconds if I was willing to do the same on the GSXR.

The liter bikes just have more area under the curve when it comes to power band and riding in the range that I think most of us use compared to smaller cc bikes. That's why I chose the RC8R for my latest bike. Not the highest HP of the liter bikes out there, but a fairly fat power band coupled to a sweet chassis. It's quick(deceptively so), but doesn't scream like the I4's do when twisted to the stop and held there.

That being said, my next track day bike will probably be a 600.
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