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Originally Posted by Colorado Ron View Post
WOW! Thanks for all the feedback guys. I have been giving it heavy thought over the last couple of days and this is my first time back on here only to find 3 pages of comments. Thanks!
To clarify things:

  1. We are financially set, my wife would never have to work outside the home should she choose.
  2. My wife has ALWAYS encouraged my passion for riding, its always cleared my head and help calm me down when stressed.
  3. I have logged over 100k miles of dual sport riding, so I have pretty much been through it all. This is not the first time Ive been down, so Im not considering quitting just because I laid it down once. The drive to ride isnt the same as before (which is a complete shock to me).
  4. Yes it was rider error. What was my hurry someone asked? Beautiful day in the Rocky Mountains on winding mountain roads, no hurry just enjoying the curves. Wasnt that I couldnt hold the corner, just leaned too far and dragged the peg and my foot too hard causing me not to recover in time in the corner. 45mph road. I was doing 50, but hit the 25mph corner and thought I could hold it. Oh well, it happens.
  5. I agree, I think Ill take the rest of the year off. Sell the Africa Twin for now and see what next year brings. My son is 14 and I saw him gawking at a 67 Mustang Fastback. Maybe its time for a Father/Son project and worry about riding once the itch is back. Until then, maybe Ill get back into drag racing and show my kid how we used to do it back in the day!
Thanks for sharing your story. I have been riding since I was 15 and took time off for about 8 years around the time my first and second were born. The passion to ride came back and my better half fully supported the move to get back into riding. Since that time I have logged many more hours introducing my daughter and son to riding and probably sparked another generation of riders. The big difference in riding after the break was always wearing the gear and that I have the number one priority of making it home as always.
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