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Hello Mike.If you have Time i would like to advise to visit Sintra and the Palacio da pena
Is a 30 minute ride from Lisbon. Just take the IC19 road.

In Lisbon also a good place to visit and Eat is "Pasteis de Belem"

On your way from Lisbon to Faro i advise to ride the pay tollroad A2 Highway (A2 - Auto Estrada do Sul) and exit in Grandola( around 100km from Lisbon) and then ride on national Road to Algarve, ( and save some money on toll) because from "Aguas de Moura" to "Alcacer do Sal" the road is not very good and is worst from "Alcacer do Sal" to "Grandola" because the roots of trees grow up and broke the tarmac. The tarmac is full of holes and cracks. After " Grandola" the national road is good, almost no traffic.
In "Canal Caveira" Police like to install speed radar, so always below 50km/h.

In the Algarve national road 125 (EN125) is a dangerous and full of traffic road. Now with the begining of summer is full of rentalcars, shuttlebus and crazy locals. Be carefull with u-turns and overtakes. Also this road passes within the citys instead around them, so traffic can be even move heavy.

You can use the A22 best know as Via do Infante, but beware is a paid tollroad, but without tollbooth. I will look for more info about foreign veicules using the A22 - Via do Infante. (I have a electronic device called "Via Verde" in my car for paying tollroad and in my bike i dont use the A22 or any other Highways. I like to ride national roads).

In Portugal is Ok and tolerate to motorcycles go beetween cars on a traffic lane (when cars are stop) but dont expect to car drivers to move for you to pass if the gap is small. Dont horn or anything. You will problaby end blocked between two cars. Just wait a bit untill traffic starts to move , and then just go.

Have a nice ride and ride safe. I hope you enjoy your trip and like even more Portugal.
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