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Originally Posted by amendonsa View Post

Time for me to lay on the couch for a little bit!

I have been a long time lurker here, but have never really posted to any of the forums. However, I feel compelled to write in and thank you.

I have grown up in NorCal, including Tahoe and Mammoth, and like many of the people who have written in, I have taken the area for granted and never really stopped to truly look around me and enjoy where I am.

I have just recently begun to get into motorcycling, and have less than 500 miles under my belt so far! I came into it way later than I should have. I fear that I spent far too much time listening to other people tell me why I should not do it. So, I still have a tremendous amount to learn and am looking forward to the journey.

There are a couple of things you said that really struck a chord with me that I wanted to share. The first is early in your posts when you talked about the idea of getting better at something. I frequently am accused of throwing myself fully into hobbies and projects, only to find new things that interest me. I have long viewed this as a personality defect, but appreciate the idea that maybe this is just a way to learn and appreciate new things. It can be as much about the process as the product.

Secondly, I started my time with AdvRider with the idea that I had to travel the world, or at least the country, to have adventures and to have lead a full life. Thank you for reminding me that there are plenty of amazing, beautiful experiences to be had much closer to home.

Please keep up the incredible work. It is amazing to me the following that you can create when you are passionate about what you do, whether you intended to create a following or not.

BTW- One final thought. Kirkwood Inn for lunch. Up Highway 88, about halfway between Jackson and the Highway 88/89 split. A perfect place to stop on your way to fall colors in Hope Valley and Blue Lakes. Well worth the trip if you get the time.
+1 for Kirkwood Inn.
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