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Tour of Kansas on dirt

Before I get to the good part, let me give you a little bit of background information. Last fall as I was back home, a cousin of mine told me he was going to fly over and come visit! He and I have been riding bike together as far back as when I started riding and everytime I go back home he manages to find me a bike to use so that we can ride together. This was the excuse I needed to upgrade my good old 950. So I got myself a new bike and the plan was to sell my 950 after our week of travelling was over. Plane ticket was bought, bikes were prep and 2 weeks before arrival he had to cancel. On top of that I had share my riding plan with my good riding buddy RVsparky and he was to ride with us for at least some of our travel.

I had already had to cancel one adventure on RVsparky and I was not going to let it happen this time since most everything had been planned. Since the plans had changed we now had the flexibility of what we were going to do. The week before the trip I was still undecided if we will load up the bikes in a UHaul and deliver the 950 to its new owner in California and ride back home or do something else. Not finding a cost effective way to get us and the bikes to California decided for us. I pulled out an old route I had created years ago on a grey winter day wishing I could be on my bike.

We will be taking a stab at making the tour of Kansas happen. The idea behind it was to stay within a few miles of the border of the state and making it all the way around. This was mainly to give direction to the ride and forced us to go through places that we would have typically bypassed to get to "neater" places, and by doing so we were pleasantly suprised in a few occasions.

So let me introduce the protagonists.


The greatest riding buddy anybody would want. First of all he always wants to ride and does not mind riding 4 hours to get to your place... Second, he is always happy, you want to go fast he wants to go fast, you want to stop and look at the scenery so does he. And most of all he is a master at fixing flats

And then there is me

a few teaser pictures

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