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Like father, like son: 2 XChallenges in N.E. WA

First ride report! First ride of the season! Me and my pops!

He just turned 50 and I just 25 this year. We never rode together until today! We're trying to prepare for some longer rides, so we're vetting our 'cycles and our bodies...

We toured around some highways and a bunch of USFS roads in the Colville National Forest.

Here's some crappy cell phone photos (ain't got no dang camera).

First stop: fuel up these thirsty little dirt bikes!

As we cruised up into the hills, things got a bit slippy... looks like this guy abandoned his firewood-collecting efforts a bit prematurely. Oops.

Then my old man succumbed to the pressures of the springtime slop. First get-off on his new bike (he bought it three days ago)!

Turns out the X is a bit tall for us under 6'ers... because pappy went ahead and dumped the thing again in a low-speed mishap in the mud...

I jokingly said, "You wanna go for a hat trick?" My words must have sparked a new desire to bend his bars, so a few minutes later, there he went - off the Beemer again!

After that, things smoothed out a bit and we saw some beautiful country!

Here's some awesome piece of slab we found in Idaho

...then back at casa de papa. We're all about red Jap cars and white Euro bikes around here...

I promise I'll take more pictures next time (as soon as I quit being a cheap SOB and buy a dang camera).

More ride (crash) reports will happen soon... we're addicted.
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