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San Sebastián

They say that too much of a good thing is bad for a relationship so today KT and I had a day apart. She was left in the basement in the company of some scooters!

I spent the day walking around this charming sea side town (city?) of San Sebastián. The Spanish certainly like their food and drink as every second shop appeared to be either a bar (serving Tapas) or a bakery. This was my lunch stop, you can see the variety of food on the bar. Wow this would drive the hygiene "police" crazy back in NZ as no covers over the food, no utensils for picking the food up etc etc. The prawns were fantastic and of course I had to do what the locals were doing and have a beer to wash it down!

I really enjoy street performers and came across a group of four men playing their instruments. Three of the instruments were familiar to me; trombone, double bass and a clarinet. However what is this? Very similar to a trumpet but he was playing it in its side and it had different keys to push. Any ideas? (The woman in the back ground sang opera while the musicians rested)

They were very good, I would have bought their CD if I had more room to put things on KT

Finally a photo of the beach. There are two beaches; one inside a bay and the other, a surf beach, outside of it. It would be a nice place on a summers day.

Am back riding tomorrow, I am getting closer to Lisbon where I am picking my "wing man" (Leanne) up on Saturday!
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