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The week before the trip was pretty hectic on my hand, I had to get ready at work, and in the evening had to do the first service on the bike. Mounted a radiator protection, the bad fuel dongle and a couple of knobby tires as we did not know what to expect.
I got up at 5 on Monday morning but still struggled to be ready by 9 when RVsparky showed up and he was coming all the way from SW KS the day before...

We attempted to transfer the route to his GPS as well but were not successful. That is okay I will just have to sacrifice myself and lead out of the dust

We left around 10 heading North out of Manhattan and as soon as we hit the Nebraska border we jump on the dirt to a beautiful road. Rodger is beaming as we stopped to let a tractor go over that bridge.

So far things are going pretty good and we waste no time, we stop for lucnh in Falls City.

I apologize for the lack of pictures but unfortunately we probably did not stop as often as we should have had.

We eventually make it to White cloud

From there on we head south taking some really neat roads, I had seen pictures of those roads from some of the KS rider but had never been there myself, it was pretty neat going through those roads that have been carved deep below where the soil level used to be. This is also when my route planning shows its first limitations, we had to back track a few times as where the road was once upon a time is not there anymore and Mr. Farmer won't be happy if we plow through his fields.

We finally jump on the levies for a little while

They started as well established and travel roads and then went on to become less and less traveled. And eventually a no trespassing sign appeared so we just turn around to find another way.

Here I am after turning around heading for the closest way out

After a few more turn around, we got on a nice road that follows the river at a distance and we make it to Atchinson for the night.

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