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Originally Posted by UpST8 View Post
Sawadee krup! My wife is from Chiang Rai, very interested in how affordable is it to get a big bike like your GS into Thailand

Like any imported vehicle in Thailand price will be a shock compared to USA. But when you come to sell you can enjoy a higher resell value as well. But certainly more expensive. However your rides and trips I think are good value so swings and roundabouts! Insurance is also very reasonable here.

Here is link to BMW Thailand price list:
Price in THB (divide by 32 for USD)

You can find a lot of used bikes to buy as well.

Also I may misunderstand your question and you maybe asking about importing a bike into Thailand. I would say forget it. Will take ages, be a paperwork nightmare and cost a lot (customs want their duty and tax!). Don't believe people saying slipping some government official a few bucks make it easier. My experience with officialdom like immigration/customs/ministry of Transport it is all pretty tight and by the book. Traffic police are another story!

I think a google search may come up some detailed information on importing. Not for the faint hearted. If it is temporary import there maybe other ways that are easier. I have met a couple of KTM world tourers so it must be possible.

Lastly if you are moving here and had you bike for a certain number of year there maybe a cheaper/easier way to import along with your household goods. Sorry no firm details.

Also try GT Riders for great Thai motorbike information:

You will have a blast touring around your wife's home town with added translation services to hand!

Hope this helps!

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