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Northern Ontario
A ride to a lake

It was hovering around 1'C in the early morning hours on Wednesday May 13th. The sky was overcast.
I took the motorcycle out for a ride, down a paved road, then a dirt road.
I parked the motorcycle and began walking down the trail. I noticed the life of the wood was over, but it now was providing life to the fungus.

I looked down and reflected upon the new season opening up here in the great North country. A tough winter was giving way slowly to springtime .

Ice formed on the small pools in the forest last night, with the patterns similiar to a frosted window.

I walked quietly towards the lake on a trail in the forest , and suddenly heard a scraping sound. It was loud , like antlers rubbing upon bark of a tree.
I stopped and waited. It was quiet, then I heard it again. This time I knew what it was, claws scraping on the white pine tree 20 feet away. 2 small black bear cubs caught my eye as they went up the tree.
I felt the electricity in the air, as the pulse of my heart was audible, the hair on my neck stood up. The mother bear of these 2 cubs was very nearby, but not visible in the thick brush. I had entered into a very dangerous zone, inadvertently .
I turned and retreated quickly, disappointed that I had gotten so close to the lake, but unable to get to it. I escaped from what may have been a violent encounter with the mama bear.

I chose a different route towards the water, talking loudly to the forest, with the top of the white pine visible 700meters away. I stopped to remove the motorcycle jacket and snap a photo of the lichen.

It's nice and quiet here. The sound of the loons calling, the dark clouds delivering dry snow pellets as I cast my lure into the pure water.

I see a fish surface, a quick cast in front of where it appeared, and then a struggle between us. Sometimes the fish wins, this time I did.

I walk back on my trail, this time past the pine tree. I speak to the bears, loudly allowing them time to move away as I approach. I arrive at my motorcycle and enjoy the road, the encounter still fresh in my mind.

If your mind is not clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life .
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