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Originally Posted by trinitydirt View Post
Guess what? I cant wait to go ride my BIG bike on Slickrock and a few trails that "shouldnt be attempted on a Big Bike". I get your point, but this is America and we have the freedom to do things that others may consider foolish. Too many people worry themselves to death wondering what people think of them or if they offended any one, instead of living their own life. The MTN bikers will be just fine..........
My post was not intended to chastise you, only to avoid sucking other riders into situations that could be detrimental to all of us.
The first time I went to Moab I started riding the Slickrock Trail on my R100GS, solo. I got to the top of the first hill and decided that my clutch probably wouldn't survive much more, so I turned around.
Now that I've ridden the trail numerous times on a dirtbike I wouldn't even consider it on a big bike.
Beaten paths are for beaten men.
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