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While RRR was partying at the pool, he invited us to post our ride today on his thread - thx for sharing RRR I hope you had fun!!

I'll try and keep it in theme and start with a map. We started at the Sun River/I-15 exit, headed east along SoUT Parkway and exited off River Rd south onto the dirt. Then we cut over past Little Black Mountain to Sunshine Trail Rd. Not long after that we hit a maze of roads and StG wondered where I was leading him!

First stop was the Glitter Pit

Next stop was at this contraption. Any guesses to what this is? StG might post a pic later with a hint

At this same stop there was a large water tank. I peeked over the rim of the tank to see if there was any water in it. There was but it was very green. Then a head turned on the surface of the water and two very big yellow eyes opened and stared at me. I let out a girl scream!! There was an owl in the water a few feet from my face! I hope StG posts a better pic of his big yellow eyes. They were beautiful.

We didn't know what to do. His feathers were all wet and many were missing. He was in a sad way balancing on some weeds. We found a plank and put it in the water under the weeds and lifted him up out of the water. He looked very weak and it was very hot and dry outside the tank. We left him a little drier than we found him but still in the tank. It wasn't looking good for him - sad.

StG in Seep Spring Canyon

On top of Seegmillar the Globemallows were going off.

Globemallow carpets on the mountain.

Cliffs on the back side of Seegmillar Mountain

The road on West Mesa gets a little thin at times. StG was wondering again about my chosen route. He noted I like the rocky roads He was so I think he likes them too

Ride stats: 20.5 mph moving average speed!

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