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On with the show

Here are some pictures from Oregon Trail Ruts Park, near Guernsey, WY. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. This is what I wanted to see most on this beautiful Spring day.
[IMG] photo 20140505_142132_zpsbkgqznhx.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142137_zpsmx0biffk.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142140_zpsadmftc4s.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142205_zpsiofyzndv.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142436_zpsbkuxqqrk.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142529_zpsrgh28jec.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142719_zpsbhvl7z3f.jpg[/IMG]
So, now for some of the pictures of some of the ruts that were cut into the soft limestone at the park by untold thousands of wagons over about a thirty year period. It was a little bit overwhelming standing in the actual ruts that were cut by thousands of miners, immigrants, and stage coaches. I was also surprised just how narrow the wagons were. They were much narrower than the automobiles we drive. Enjoy the pictures..
[IMG] photo 20140505_142736_zpsds3ztksx.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_142826_zpsurvrzgiw.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_143044_zps28b9dy6u.jpg[/IMG]
Here are some ruts or swales if you will, pretty near to the limestone ruts.
[IMG] photo 20140505_143231_zpspjeytebo.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG] photo 20140505_143320_zpsfbldzr3n.jpg[/IMG]

After leaving the ruts, I headed back south to Colorado. I had planned on taking I-25 home. The wind had begun to really pick up, and I was being blown all over the road. Plus, with the wind blowing right towards me, the little WR couldn't get over 55mph. So, I quickly got off the Interstate and decided to take back roads. Well, I ended up going to Chugwater, Wy because I remembered a gas station being there years earlier. It was closed! I decided to keep going south on the little back roads to Cheyenne. I was really getting concerned about fuel. The road I took for over a hundred miles was absolutely gorgeous. I didn't see another human being for almost two hours! It was heavenly bliss. Just me the WR a few ranch houses, and about a million black angus cattle. I had to stop numerous times for them to get out of my way. Be very careful around cattle when passing them. I grew up around them, and they can be very unpredictable at times.
I finally got back to Cheyenne about 5pm and refueled at the same exact gas station as that morning. I only had .02 left in my 4.7 gallon tank. I had came 270 miles! Riding into a 20+mph headwind with the little motor struggling carrying my fat ass, I was very impressed. It did a lot to raise my confidence in some long trips I am planning for this fall.
I did end up getting back on I-25 and made great time getting back home to Colorado. The wind just magically ceased blowing. It was a great day of riding with about 495 miles ridden. My behind was in severe pain. Gotta get a better seat for the little moto.
Here is a short little video shot of the day. It starts with me going into Wyoming on Hwy 85 Hope you enjoyed the pics and short video. I apologize if my ribbing of educators offended anybody. I know most really do care about the kids. I like to kid around a lot. One of my sisters is a dedicated educator.
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