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So a few more shots from last weekends Sierra Pass overnighter.
Little spot I've passed on Tioga Rd so many times without a photo. Friday morning it was in my head that this would be my first stop, wanted to get there before the sun came over the ridge for the best light. Because it was such a cool spot and I was in no hurry, I hung out until the sun crested to see what I could make of it. Glad I did.

The Eastern Sierra/Desert is such a contrast. I see these clouds sometimes, but only when it's really windy. I have a theory that's what a normal cloud looks like if you streamline it in a wind tunnel I could also be full of it.

Leavitt Meadow looking gorgeous for me the first time I've seen it since last fall.

My destination for the weekend was some night photography at high elevation. I wasn't dissapointed. A few examples of the mystical world up there at night. The moon was so bright I swear I could read a book.

On another note....

I suppose I should intoduce my new lady, after all you are going to be seeing lots of photos of her here in this thread. Picked up my new '14 Strom this week. I'll save all the technical talk and evaluation stuff for the strom thread in the forums, but put simply I'm very happy.

Had her on TWO rides so far. First was maybe 40 miles when I picked her up after work. This just shows why this bike fits what I do, here I am with a brand new bike, all excited wanting to focus all of my attention on learning about it and I STILL have the time to enjoy what's going on around me.

Our first sunset together.

Ride #2 had a nice 350 mile day which was 300 miles of twisty. From dry rugged hills to coastal roads, what a variety of riding.

Right at home here

A bit of a glamor shot for those who find such things sexy

Some coastal redwoods. Love the earth tones on this bike. Fit's me and my riding style perfect, just flying under the radar doing my thing.

Why the strom is a great sport tourer, this is my idea of paved

A day at the beach

And what kind of a ride would it be if I didn't get home well after dark?

Ride#2- Sunset #2......I think we're getting along

One thing I'd like to point out, I'm often asked about my photo gear in PMs and this thread (and I love talking that stuff almost as much as bikes) and I mention some shots are with point and shoots. Because I don't really have space on the new strom for my regular gear yet, all of the photos so far have been taken with a pocket camera, my Canon S100. With full manual control and raw capability I still get amazed with the quality of some of these shots.
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