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Originally Posted by RACINGTHESUN View Post
Best of luck in your search for fuel, considering untreated gasoline starts going bad after only 30 days. ... It would take a lot of stabil to keep it fresh enough to last. Diesel fuel will last forever, so will two stroke fuel. Just sayin....
Diesel fuel does not last forever

Neither does two stroke fuel (fairly pure gasoline with 2 stroke oil pre-mixed in)--2 years opened 5 years unopened shelf. life

Sta-Bil also has a shelf life. 2 years for an open bottle, recapped and stored in the dark. Longer for an unopened bottle, but still not indefinite. I think the best before date on some marine grade Sta-Bil I bought was about 3 years.

As we don't know what year in the future Questor's apocalyspe took place (clearly it has not happened yet) and he is frequently, albeit with some effort, still acquiring sufficient fuel to keep his XRR running--one could assume that prior to the big disaster mankind discovered a wonder preservative to keep gasoline fresh for an indefinite period, that was added to all the global gasoline supplies prior to the disaster. Or maybe a way was found to convert gasoline engines to an entirely new fuel that does not spoil in storage? He specifically mentions fuel--not gas, gasoline, petrol, benzin or essence.

The bikes you mentioned were based on a KLR chassis. There are also several more models of diesel bikes out there.

I'm really enjoying the RR so far, points for originality!

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