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First the most important news, to me anyway, Leanne has arrived so we can now share the next 8 weeks of this adventure together.

And now the big news. This is where I spent 5 hours this afternoon

There were three different options from; riding on the road (they had the full range of bikes to choose from), track experience or off road coaching and riding.

So I still can't believe that I ended up astride a BMW 1000 weapon heading down pit straight! What a scary, exciting time. These bikes are so fast, their brakes are so good I think my eyeballs hit my visor when I first applied them. As my friends from home will confirm I am no road rider. If I was meant to find any apexes on the track, well I would still be out there looking. Anyway enough, here is the proof (check out the other bikes that were available)

And if anyone who was there today is reading this, no I wasn't swerving to warm the tires up as I left pit lane - that was my customary wobble....

Here is the off road school, this is Carlos on a brand new GS taking his group through the basics, man could he ride that well. We are staying with Carlos and Catarina in Lisbon, awesome couple.

These are some of the bikes available for the road ride.

Various suppliers also had stall including Touratech, BMW apparel etc.

BMW did it so well, right from the check in procedures, the free lunch / juice / coffee etc, the bike options and even to when we were leaving the bike wash people turned up to groom all of the bikes for tomorrow.

And finally some eye candy from my lunch stop in Estoril

Isn't that just gorgeous.
Is great to see you are having fun. I hope you enjoy the track. I have done some trackdays (in car) in Estoril and is a very nice track.

As promise , and sorry for delay i give some info about the A22- Via do Infante.
Is a toll road with ellectronic tolls, no tollbooth.

"How it works: Toll payment is based on a small transponder which is linked to your Portuguese bank account, and debited within a day or two of every passage, which is fine if you are a resident with a Portuguese bank account.

The alternative is to pay your tolls at the Post Office or Pay Shop, which must be done within five days, but only after 48 hours have transpired. That's ok if you have a rent-a-car with Portuguese plates, but you cannot post-pay your tolls if you have foreign number plates. The official answer is "wait until we write to you at your address back home", the reality is that we don't know anyone (yet) who has received such a letter. So, if you are a visitor, how do you pay, where do you pay, what will it cost?

Foreign license plate veicules tend to do this( except the spanish) Since you only live in the other side of the world and if the Portuguese autorities cannot get you address or fiscal number, you may be lucky and dont pay anything. but i dont advise to do that.

Pre Paid Passes: If you have a foreign registered car, there are alternative options.

Option One: You can purchase a pre-paid pass, valid for 3 days from any Post Office (and they are very clued up on the whole situation). A three day pass costs Euros 20 for a normal car, and is for unlimited tolls along the whole motorway for the three (consecutive) days you specify. You can only purchase six of these passes every year.

Pre Paid Airport trip. You can also buy a one way or return journey pre paid ticket for a trip to: Faro Airport (via A22). Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (Porto) (via A28/A41); or Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (via A41/A42) from any Post Office

Option Two is to purchase a five day pass, again from any Post Office, The cost is Euros 10 initially (or more), tolls must be pre-paid, so deposit enough to cover your expected journeys. As far as we can ascertain, you can only buy one of these, and you pay the normal toll charge, based on your journey. Refunds of unused tolls are possible, but we don't know anyone who has tried! You will get a receipt which you should display on your dashboard, and keep in a safe place thereafter. One reader has told us that he has been told that the unused part of his payment will be refunded to his Credit Card automatically once the toll road concessionaires have calculated what he has used in tolls."
Source :

Or you can not use it at all , maybe is the easy way. Just be very carefull in EN125 . In case we meet up in Faro for a beer or dinner and you have use the A22 you can note the value in Euros of each cross in the electronic tool and i can go to the post office pay that for you. I go to post Office almost every day, so is not a trouble.

This is the electronic tools and with the price (is varies in each crossing) on that big blue board. The A22 from the exit of highway A2- autoestrada do Sul to faro is €1,70.

Other source of Info :

I hope Mike and Leanne have a lots of fun and enjoy this ride.
Ride safe.

Off topic:
Did you know Faro is the Capital of Motorcycle? Every year takes place Problaby the largest biker concentration of europe. Is petty you arent even near to see this show. Who already came to Faro know what I mean.
The program for this year.

Please sorry the off-topic.
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