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there are no guidelines, never will be either. the bikes are purpose built and tailored to satisfy the builder's criteria, . .
jdrocks, I totally agree with you that each bike is a unique creation of the owners desirers for what he or she wants it to do, but that does not mean there can not be a list of things or guidelines for that rider to look at and consider when planning and building the bike.

The nice thing about 'guidelines' is that you can pick the ones that you want to follow and ignore the ones that do not matter to you. For example a comfortable seat and large gas tank may be important to you because you want to go to Alaska on it, but a bars to taillight seat may be silly. On the other hand that same seat with a narrow lower capacity tank may be just what you need to ride all the trails in your area.

I am in the planning stage of a 'baby adventure bike' based on a GS500 as some here have already built. I have been looking at these and simular builds and I have seen somethings that I would do different and some I will follow. I may be wrong, but at least guidelines will make me think about it.

Happy building!
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