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Hi Langanobob - I usually don't make a judgment call on something until I have actually tried it, to each its own.

Your explanation of the oil weights is spot on, sorry I don't recall the context of the discussion.

No manufactured is going to disclose their recipe. This oil is Class III full synthetic oil as 99% of all other full-synthetic oil. We cant sell a Class IV for what we do and unless you are racing you don't need it. If someone wants to continue buying the same stuff for 1/3 more at their bike shop they can have at it.

QUOTE=Langanobob;24221684]This isn't correct. The 20W50 will not provide SAE 50 at low temps. It will provide SAE 50 viscosity at 212F and SAE 20 viscosity at lower winter or engine start temps.

Haven't quite drank the Royal Koolaid yet, but thanks for an interesting thread. I emailed to Royal Mfg and asked them to confirm what the actual API Group rating of their motorcycle oil is. Their brochure says it's "fortified" with PAO base, which could mean that a teaspoonful of PAO base is added per gallon. For all I know you have a great product, but AMSOIL sales guys have kind of poisoned the well for me when it comes to oil marketing claims.

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