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Originally Posted by aiMhi View Post
Hi Langanobob - I usually don't make a judgment call on something until I have actually tried it, to each its own.
Not making any judgment calls at all, just not accepting marketing claims at face value.

Your explanation of the oil weights is spot on, sorry I don't recall the context of the discussion.

No manufactured is going to disclose their recipe. This oil is Class III full synthetic oil as 99% of all other full-synthetic oil. We cant sell a Class IV for what we do and unless you are racing you don't need it. If someone wants to continue buying the same stuff for 1/3 more at their bike shop they can have at it.
If your product is a Class III oil, it's not a PAO based oil
(Group IV). That was the point of my post, just trying to determine if your product really is a PAO base oil. It isn't.

Regardless of the base oil I'm sure your oil is a fine product and I don't have any agenda other than wading through marketing claims and trying to arrive at the facts.

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