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rarepartbuilder side stand mod

Got around to uploading a few mod pictures...

With the frustration of the klr tanker trying to tip over on even fairly stable ground i decided to change out the small foot on the side stand. After viewing a post on another form i read where a rider bolted a hockey puck to his side stand foot... not wanting to do that .. i viewed a local craigslist post ... a plan was spawned.

This vendor was using a used piston to save the shop floor{god knows it may have been his living room } from side stand marks in a kijiji ad.. i just happened to have a piston from rebuilding my sons 230 crf...

HPIM2939 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

hacked off the battle ship steel version..

HPIM2940 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

found a drill that fit inside the old steel tube so slid the old stand over the drill to establish the compound angle between the foot surface and the leg.... i know.. lazy way to calculate anything...

HPIM2941 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

with the piston locked down center drilled the whopping 1/8" thick 230 crf piston top

HPIM2942 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

opened the hole to 5/16" then ram in a 1" counter bore

HPIM2943 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

made an aluminum side stand leg then welded it to the piston from the inside..Then made a cover to keep the thing from loading up with mud and crap..welded it to the bottom of the piston..

HPIM2945 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

added a spring attachment stud since the pipe wall was only 1/8" i used one of those princess auto aluminum threaded inserts HERE {they pull like a pop rivet} to gain some thread real estate.

..done... then pressed the pivot piece into the top side of the leg

HPIM2944 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

assy pictures focus kind of blow ... but you get the idea

HPIM2947 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM2948 by freewillieklr, on Flickr

HPIM2946 by freewillieklr, on Flic
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