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Originally Posted by BLUE(UK)

Simple gotta 'drive' em out with a nail punch.Unfortunately you have to drive them from the wheel side(awkward)AFTER you have removed the clips.Quite simple really but ya gotta look properly at them.
That's what it looked like, but I couldn't tell for sure that they would come out that way (the "head" of the pin looks like it's part of the caliper body in my crappy parking-garage light) and I didn't want to apply any serious force without being sure.

I didn't have the right tools to pull the caliper (larger sockets) last night, so I didn't. I live in an apartment and all my real tools live in a friend's garage near LAX, which can be quite a long drive on a rainy SoCal day (native Californians FREAK OUT when it rains, and drive into eachother with startling consistancy).

If I can't get the pin out tonight, I'll go get my real tools and pull the calipers. It just seemed that it was, most likely, not necessary.

...I still don't understand why they exclude the brakes from the service & owner's manuals.
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