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Happy Customers....

The following are unsolicited testimonials from Power Controller owners. Some minor changes to improve readability have been made when necessary.

Been riding it to work and around town the last two days....

Works. Smoother throttle response. "Like buttah." Best description I can give is that the throttle response feels more like my old carbed '98 F650ST but with gobs more power. The little snatchiness that was left after I switched to 15/42 is gone. Not a drop or hair of any poor throttle snatch anymore. More power on demand so I twist less throttle to get to speed. Gas mileage is about the same. Maybe slightly better if that is possible.

All and all it is a great solution. I give it a big thumbs up.

Best of all the F800GS high rev clatter is diminished to where I can't even hear it now. Tells me the bike was running TOO LEAN for its own good.


Throttle snatch gone… bike runs smoother… don’t no how, but the shifting seems smoother too… cheap fix. Awesome job y’all!


Put mine in yesterday morning & went for a 400 mile ride. Much easier to feather throttle when pulling out, worth every penny!


With a simple 5 minute install, I was up and running. The throttle response was linear and nowhere near as snatchy as the stock response. The lean backfire has been reduced drastically when you roll off the throttle, meaning better fuel ratios. Didn't get a long ride in, but what I did the improvement is very noticeable.


After hooking up the unit a week ago, I finally put some miles on the bike (in pouring rain) and in the high 70's (switch on blue for below 85 degrees). If anyone else is like me, at certain speeds and turns you would be anticipating the bucking that’s about to kick in. Well now, out of habit you will still be anticipating the bucking... make the slow turn in traffic... go through the gears... then realize there was no bucking.

I've been running the Akra can from day one. I don't know what this device does to the Air/Fuel ratio, and I don't really care because now my bike runs smooth.


Your controller works like a charm, I've noticed a big difference in the throttle and the bike seems to run better.


Got mine in the bike this week. I have maybe 300 street miles on it since and it's much better. Can't wait to get it off road! Absolutely recommend this product!


I've had mine on for just over a week and a half now. I've done a few rides and one on dirt. I'm very happy with the improvement! I haven't noticed any real change in fuel consumption either. Thanks.


Got it yesterday, thanks.

Installed it yesterday afternoon. Straight forward install. Initial feel: Much smoother coming out of closed throttle. Much smoother going into closed throttle. Lost a approximately 3k rpm flat spot that sometimes materialized itself. Started her up this morning at about 32 degrees for work and initial idle seemed smoother, and maybe a little lower rpm.

Should have done this before. Well worth the money.


Easy installation and significant benefits! I'm a super happy customer. Good job!


I've taken two rides since I installed the Power Controller and I'm very happy with the results. The on and off throttle transition is much smoother now. I'm much happier with the bike and feel that the Power Commander was money well spent. Thank you.


Got it and popped it in this weekend. I wasn't able to ride much until today and I'm very pleased. The bike runs smoother throughout all RPMs and is super smooth on the highway now. I don't know if it was my bike specifically but when I was in 6th gear going 70-80mph there was a small but noticeable lurch every 6-10 seconds. Nothing violent but very annoying as it was noticeable. That's gone now and rolling on and off the throttle is much nicer now as well.

The last right turn into my office is a brick driveway that is usually wet and slippery. I have to slow way down and once I enter the turn I usually roll on the throttle and get jerked quite a bit. This morning my body was in defensive posture leaning forward and I rolled on the throttle and no jerk.


Super easy install, and does all as advertised. It's 98 degrees here every day unless it's 100. It has changed the bike completely


Got my power controller last week. Super easy install, takes longer to remove the plastic than to install the device. Sixty mile on road test ride last weekend, 65 degrees outside, switch on blue side. Noticeable results over stock, much smoother and stronger acceleration. Bike felt more 'normal' meaning you can get used to the snatchiness of the 800 throttle and forget how it ought to be. Feels and runs great.

Just to be sure I wasn't imagining the results, did a bike swap with a buddy of mine. He also has an ‘09 F800. We went on a 15 mile test ride, surface streets and freeway, swapped bikes half way. Fifty-two degrees outside temp. Told my buddy I did something to my bike but wasn't specific, wanted his impressions. His stock bike was rougher, just like I remembered, and after the ride he said he could tell that something was different, that my bike was smoother and a little quicker on acceleration. He has one on order.

Can't wait to try it out on the 1200GS.

Well done product.


I just received mine for the F800GS and it works great.


Finally got to try out the Wuka King unit. Went on a slick icy, muddy road today. If ever the snatchy throttle would be a problem that was it. Worked like a charm. 1st and 2nd gear. The improvement is substantial!


Here's a quick summary of my experiences for anyone reading and still sitting on the fence.

My order was shipped within 2 hours of me doing the PayPal thing. That is some Fast service.

Product arrived shortly thereafter and was well packaged. The inclusion of the sticky bit and a zip tie for securing the temp sensor is a nice touch. Installation was seamless. The most time consuming part was removing and replacing the 6 screws for the faux tank cover thinger. I've taken a few test rides (nothing extreme yet since the weather is crap right now), and the snatchy throttle is nicely smoothed out. The PC works exactly as is stated.


Install done, it works as advertised. Smooth as silk throttle response.


Rick M


I finally got to install this and what a difference!!!

Very even, smooth acceleration with slow twisting of the throttle. It still has its quickness if you twist the throttle faster.

Heat wave here tomorrow, 50˚, so I'll get out for a longer ride.

It is simple to install and works as advertised.


After installing my Power Controller the other day I was finally able to get out for a short ride of about an hour. The short story, I absolutely love it!!! ok, I admit I was skeptical at first but that all changed during this short ride. The bike is so much smoother and the overall ride-ability has improved so much that wish I had gotten one sooner. To anyone on the fence about buying one, do not hesitate, this is one of the best things you can do to your bike. Sometimes we buy stuff for our bikes and the product does not live up to all the hype, well this is definitely not the case here as this product has exceeded my expectations, not only in easy of installation but in performance as well.


As you promised the install was a breeze and finished in under 5 minutes. The Power Commander works. It does everything I expected it to do and does it well.
I would highly recommend this wiring loom (Power Controller).

Kiwi Dave

Just installed mine and went for a ride - the bike rides like you would expect from the beginning. Perfect transitions on/off throttle, and the ability to lug the engine to 1500rpm or so is great - $ well spent! Thanks!


Have installed my power controller and have been running it for about 2 months. Very, very happy. Went for a ride with my mate yesterday on his 990 and he was commenting on how my bike was running so much better. We just finished a 2 hour technical low speed muddy, hilly section. I mentioned the only change I have made on the bike was the power controller. He was complaining about the same problem I had on my BMW F800 before I installed the power controller. Now he wants one.


Installed the controller yesterday. Really simple installation! Took the F800 out today for a short 50-100 mile run. It idles smoother, going through the gears silky smooooooooooooth! I even hit a few gravel roads, man what a difference! No more Snatchy Throttle Syndrome. Wish I had purchased the controller sooner! Thanks for a great product!


Got mine too. Thanks Wuka King! Installed it this afternoon and went out for a short ride. Weather was in the mid-60's so I had the switch set to the blue position. Very noticeable improvement in the throttle roll-on/roll-off, especially at lower speeds. No more bucking bronco, jumpy behavior. If you have an F800GS and have not done this mod yet, you don't know what you are missing!


I got the 3 I ordered for the family fleet of F800GSs. Installed one so far and it does make a noticeable difference even on the ride up the block and back. Look forward to smoother response well into the future. Thank you.


After installing and going for a short ride I can say that it works as you claimed. Thanks.


Got it installed, was a snap... weather hasn't been nice enough for more than a ride around the block. As others have said throttle response is much smoother than stock.

Looking forward to some better weather to get out on some gravel and back roads to really test it out.


I just installed the power controller with the switch tonight on my F800GS...I am floored! IT'S SO MUCH SMOOTHER at low RPM, I rode the bike from almost a crawling pace and very slowly accelerated to about 20 mph in the first three gears! I love it! I am going to ride the gravel mountain roads in the morning!
This is probably the highest return I have ever gotten on a motorcycle farkle for the money spent. GREAT PRODUCT!

Update: I did 12 hours in the saddle yesterday, half off-road including many water crossings, sand, deep gravel, slippery mud and on gravel crisscrossing the Blue Ridge Parkway several times. Without a doubt, this product saved me from several stalls and possible tip overs in the 180 degree, deep gravel turns on the mountainside! No jerking, stalling, lunging forward or unexpected rear wheel spin!!!

Smooth throttle control and a total pleasure to ride. This less than $100 product has transformed my bike completely!

Eddy Alvarez

Liking mine so far, only a couple hundred miles this past week with it on though. It's a keeper!


Installed the Juice on my f800gs a couple hundred miles ago. Great improvement in low speed, low gear throttle response. Smooth baby, smooth. Thanks for the wonderful product, great price and fast shipping.


I installed the power controller on my F650GS Twin and it is great! Does just what is claimed, calming throttle "snatch" and making the FI work MUCH more smoothly. VERY simple install takes 10 minutes. BMW factory should adopt this technology! Wuka King has been GREAT to deal with and the shipping times, communication and customer service are exemplary! Thanks.


Another happy customer!

I can tell a huge difference since installing, and the workmanship is excellent (coming from a guy who used to do a lot of vehicle wiring).


Just got my Juice. Put it on the Wife's 658 and was able to run it in the neighborhood and what difference… still snow on the ground so real testing to come, I'm looking forward to hearing her reaction to it.

Liebchen & Izzy

Great product HTC, Thanks for prompt service! Installed last night. 4 mile commute to work this a.m. No clutching it during congested green light slow starts. Noticed smoother acceleration. Pulled a few 1st gear figure 8's in parking lot, no lurching / snatchiness. Me Likey!


Just threw one of these on my Husky TR650 and it works great. No stumbling or stalling off idle and buttery smooth throttle response now. The only bad thing is that it almost makes me content to ride slow now.


Just had my first ride with the Juice and man what a difference. It's so much smoother. Can't believe how smooth the roll on is at starts and even through acceleration. Juicy is the bomb, Nice work fellas. I'd endorse it.


I've put a couple of thousand miles on my Husky TR 650 with the Power Controller installed. It's perfect, totally transformed the bike. No more stumbles and oh so smooth. Thanks again.


Got it ordered, 2 days in transit, 10 minutes to install, 5 seconds to feel the difference. Love it!


The Juice. Haven't been on for a while but wanted to share my experience with this item. I brought this a while ago after endless amounts of reading and comparing all the similar items and am happy to report I'm rapt with it!! Works great even feels like you get a bit more bottom end crack. Perfect for wheelies.


Just get one. I bought a 2010 F800GS about three months ago. I immediately noticed the snatchy throttle. I thought that with time I would get used to it and be able to compensate for it. Nope. I just couldn't control the bike at low speed like I wanted to. I was starting to get really frustrated with the bike. I looked at a bunch of different fixes that were being talked about on the forums. Thought about the throttle tamer. It was affordable, but I wasn't too keen on having to mess with the heated grips. I also thought about the Power Commander, but there just wasn't a whole lot of convincing information out there and it was pricey (yeah, I'm cheap). Then I ran across Wuka King's fix. It looked like there was a lot of good feed back. The price was right, so I pulled the trigger. Bottom line, I'm glad I did! The bike is much easier to manage, especially at low speeds. The service was great. It was very easy to install. I'm a very satisfied customer. Thanks.


One Happy Customer! Just a quick note about my experience with the power controller. After “up” grading to an ’09 F800GS due to my well sorted F650GS being taken out by a learner driver while parked, I really have been struggling to come to grips with this throttle problem.

The difference between idle and a good whack of throttle was about 2mm of grip movement and no amount of cable adjustment and fiddling helped. Even small bumps in the road were enough to launch forward and no matter how much I tried there was no way to keep smooth in traffic – riding over corrugations would have been funny to watch if it hadn’t been me... The 800’s previous owner had spent a ton of cash farkling it up and when I was buying it I couldn’t figure out why he sold it at such a great loss, after riding it for a while I’m pretty sure I found the reason.

After a bit of research I came across the Power Controller and have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first, cautious that something quite simple and very modestly priced could solve all my problems. Well it arrived today and 40 minutes later I was out and about grinning like a mad man! The difference is night and day, black and white, the difference is between selling the F800 and buying something else and keeping it! Thanks Wuka King, you saved me a fortune…


It just works. Wanted to add my voice to those who think this thing works. I had the same snatch as everyone else with my stock F800GS. Wuka King was fast on the supply end, the install was just as easy as the instructions made it look, and the results so far are beyond expectations. It works so well that I constantly take it for granted and forget it is there. My bike is still under warranty so will have to remember to remove it before the 6K service. I am curious to see the difference once the weather turns hot and I flip the little switch - guessing that I'll notice no difference other than I am a smoother rider, esp. in the low speed stuff. If there is a difference in gas mileage, it is negligible - certainly a small trade-off for the gain in control. Thanks for making me a better, safer, smoother rider.


The thing works! I did the CBDR and found no differences with fuel economy between my fellow FKRS. I just did my 20,000km service, I took off all plastic, and removed the gadget (just in case they would bitch about warranty or something), and for the 1 hour ride in without the gadget I noticed the very snatchy throttle. It sucked. As soon as I got my baby back I replaced all the gack, and noticed the smooth transition to happy throttle after replacing the gadget.

Get the damn gadget. Makes a hell of a difference to happiness. Thanks again Wuka King.


I received and installed the power controller on my F800 last week. It took longer to remove the bolts on the fairing than it did to install! Easy as pie. This past weekend, I took the bike out for a 560 mile ride and was very impressed on the handling of the throttle. The snatchiness is now almost gone, and very smooth.

Fuel mileage for the trip was 50 mpg. That was a mix of 300 miles dirt and 250 miles of pavement at speeds over 65. Overall, I think this mod was worth every penny.


After owning my F800GS for six years and 20,000 miles now (and shipping it out to Australia from the UK), I thought I'd added everything to the bike that I could ever want. Though I always knew the throttle was snatchier than older bikes I'd had, I thought that was just something I was going to have to live with. But the Power Controller just transforms the bike, and it's one of the cheapest additions I've made. Buy one. It's great!

J.T., Australia

Hi guys – just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on your product.

12 months ago I rode a KLR650 around Australia and had to do a few mods prior to leaving, one of those mods was dealing with a lean surge issue ……result = sorted and a great trip was had. It was soon after purchasing my F800GS recently that I sensed/noticed that same, asthmatic struggle to breath feeling of shallow and constrictive lack of air/fuel mixture (a bit like strangling a cat) attributed to the previous KLR (apologies to any of your staff that may be cat lovers) and immediately I knew things had to be changed.

Initially, I thought I would correct the problem by asking (at it’s next service) for an adjustment in mapping but then decided I couldn’t be bothered with the explaining of my request and dealing with the act of denial of any issues from BMW that would be forthcoming. When your power controller arrived it was only days prior to me leaving on a 1400k weekend round trip of riding and I was eager to fit your gadget so I could convince myself whether or not it would do the trick.

Weather temperature conditions looked promising for both the under and over 85 degree F temperatures that this switched unit is designed for. I left home from the coast early with the temperate hovering around a comfortable 61F (16C) making good pace across the Great Dividing Range in a westerly direction - by mid morning the temp had climbed to 86F (30C)and peaking at 109F (43C) by the time I reached my destination.

With a good percentage of my miles covered on dirt it was pleasant to feel the change from snappy on again off again throttle response. When the temperature rose above 91F (33C) I noticed the bike felt a little doughy & a little less responsive so at my next stop I quickly flicked the switch over to the above 85 F setting and all was good. My return trip turned out to be very similar with lows & highs in temperature.

Cheers and thanks for great product fixing an annoying problem.

P.S. - I also have noticed the bike doesn't have that buzzy resonance it used to have.

Mick, NSW Australia


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