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Ok, I must be an idiot, because I can't get the pin out.

I looked at it the way you mentioned Blue, and there is no way the pin is getting pushed from the wheel-side out, the hole in the caliper body is smaller than the head of the pin (I tried anyway of course). I tried knocking the pin out from the outside in, towards the wheel, and it simply won't budge.

Here are some pics, maybe someone can explain it to me using small words and short sentances!

This is the right caliper, looking through the wheel, at the retaining pin (yes, I removed the clip before trying to remove the retaining pin).

It's fairly obvious in this shot that the pin must come out toward the wheel as the hole on the outside of the caliper body has a smaller ID than the pin itself:

After removing the clip, I tried using a punch through the caliper to push the pin out, and it won't budge. I can spin it in the caliper with my fingers, so it's not tight just won't come out!

Anyone? ...should I use a bigger hammer?
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