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Originally Posted by Plane Dr View Post

Because I stepped away from this for awhile, manage my expectations please. For the recalibration. What volume/delivery is anticipated? I would like mine to do better but honestly it sits on -30 all the time so I'm not sure it matters.

I'd be happy with a vague fortune telling even with the previous legal disclaimer.
The Calibration plug-in makes all the difference. I understand you're doing what most people are doing and running the IICE Air at the -30 jumper setting as an interim solution until the Calibration part arrives. The performance benefit with the Calibration part is more than double what the -30 jumper setting provides.

As far as management goes, I'll keep managing the process that gets these Calibration plug-ins made. Designing, testing and setting up to build that plug-in fix for the Air has been a project unto itself. And an unplanned one at that. But unplanned or not, it had to be done. It was quite a trick if I do say, to come up with a plug-in recalibration part, which physically and electrically incorporates into the existing IICE Air, and maintains the -10, -20, and -30 adjustability.

The 'forward-looking statements' disclaimer I jokingly posted a little while ago was just a bit of levity on my part. Primarily because they're aren't any forward looking statements. What there is to know is where we are headed, what we are doing, and with the technical Hotrod thread in GSspot, how and why we are doing it.


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