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Waterproof gloves; Seesoft back protectors;

Hey Guys!

We've been out West for the last few weeks, and are just getting our digital lives cleaned up again. Sorry for the delay, but we're here and ready to jump back into the conversation! In response to some of your questions...

Originally Posted by mokosai View Post
Hey, I was wondering if there was anything new in the realm of waterproof gloves from you guys.

I have REV'IT pants and jackets and love both, but have had poor experiences with your gloves. The latest was a pair of Summit H2O which are not even a little waterproof and have a liner that detaches from the glove every time you take it off (gloves are 2 years old so they are out of warranty).

From reading other comments, it looks like my experience isn't unique, so I was wondering if there are any new materials, liners, etc. in your gloves that make them worth another shot, or should I just stick to Held?

Thanks for taking the time to post on a forum!
Hey Mokosai, sorry to hear about the gloves! I might recommend you try some of our GORE-TEX products, like the Roadstar GTX. We used the GORE-TEX X-TRAFIT construction in the making of these gloves, which means that the inner lining, the GORE-TEX insert, and the outer fabric are all bound into one layer, while the properties of each layer are retained -- or in other words, liners don't pull out, and the gloves are surprisingly lightweight for the amount of waterproofing and protection provided. The Phantom GTX uses the same X-TRAFIT technology, and we have other gloves like the Alaska and the Fusion that use a basic GORE-TEX membrane that likewise provides waterproofing.

Hope this helps!

Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
Any ETA on the Seesoft Back Protector that's on backorder from a couple of vendors? I'm just about to pull the trigger on a Sand 2 jacket, but want to get the back protector for it.
Hi lmychajluk. You're definitely not the only one wondering about the back protectors. We're out of stock because we had to switch manufacturers rather suddenly and unexpectedly (due to issues on the manufacturer's side), and production came to a halt. We quickly started looking for an new manufacturer, but it took a bit of time and so now we're playing catch-up.

Fingers are crossed that we'll see something by late June or early July!

Originally Posted by NZRalphy View Post
How good the stuff that is half way through your range?

And why can't the warrantee be international - if I'm traveling I can't remember where I brought the jacket and then send it back to another country.
Well Ralphy, I guess that depends on what you're comparing it to! Personally, for me, our mid-range products are fantastic -- they're perfectly suited for the riding I'm doing about 99% of the time.

Apologies on our warranty restrictions, but to keep track of our stocks and warrantied products, everything has to be routed through the original dealer of purchase. Of course, if you're ever in a jam when you're on the road, do just send us a message and we're always happy to see what we can do.

Ride safe!
We make the stuff you want to wear.
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