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Narbonne-La Seu D'urgell

We arrive to Narbonne around 10:30 in the morning. It takes a while to get the bikes out of the wagons but I am not in a hurry actually. It is vacation afterall. After changing to motorcycle outfit, I say bye to the swedish group that was planning to drive via Barcelona to south of Spain. I hope they had a great time and were not burned under the strong Spanish sun in their leather outfits. Then the danish guys take off towards Andorra for ultimate shopping

My route is short today, only 300 kms. I plan to cross the border and stay in a spanish town called La Seu D'urgell.

Finally, I am on my bike again. Shining sun, good roads and a beautiful nature welcomes me to southern France.

I arrive to a town called Puigcerda that is located at the French-Spanish border. Both French and Spanish can be seen on the shields in the town. But interestingly enough the French side looks more French and the Spanish side vice versa even though both sides are only meters away from each other.

A view from the Boules also called Pétanque tournament. It is a quite old game where each player is trying to place his 2 metal balls as close as possible to the small wooden ball. Seems like a relaxing game to play on the beach.

I am on the road again and I crossed the border. Viva España

I arrive to La Seu D'urgell at evening time, find a cheap room in a motel. After dinner, I take a short walk around its small lake.

Although I slept in the train, I feel tired. Time to go to bed to start the journey early in the morning.

to be continued...
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