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Hey delta21, I agree with your sentiments but, based on personal experience, I guess I'm a little lost on who's considered an ADV-er and what constitutes an ADV rally.

I'm an ADV inmate (thus, I am able to post here).
I organize (disorganize) an annual Adventure / Dual Sport Motorcycle event.
ADV inmates come to the event.
I've done it for five years now and 2015 will be the 6th year.
There's no registration fee.
I don't make any money on it (and usually lose money on it).
It's just a bunch of ADV inmates getting together and spending four days riding motorcycles in the desert.

Based on the criteria quoted at the start of the thread, it seems like the event I organize is an ADV rally. Yet, when I post my event in the ADV annual rally section, it gets moved to the regional forum. (Not arguing with the mods, they can move things as they see fit, just pointing out a fact.)

So, I can see where people would ask what, specifically, makes an event an ADV rally as opposed to a non-ADV event.

One might also ask what disqualifies an event from being an ADV rally?

Having it's own website?
Having sponsors?
Making money?
Registration fees?
Camping or lodging fees?
Organized by an individual versus a group?
Sells t-shirts?

That's my 2

In the end, would it be nice if my ADV event was recognized as an ADV event? Yes. But, the inmates who come and have fun and ride motorcycles in the desert are what's important.
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