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I'm interested in getting a set of the 2" 10W Round LED Next Generation Prime lights for my new 1190 R. I'm interested in daytime conspicuity more than than actual light output, but have a few questions:

1- Is the price for one or for a pair?
2- Would you recommend 20 or 40 degree for being seen?
3- Is the
PWM integrated dimming circuit built into the lights or is it external, kind of like a Skene dimmer?
4- Does the PWM have a high beam bypass?
5- Do they come with any sort of wiring harness?
6- Do you have them in stock ready to ship?7- Is there a discount code I can use to order?

Could not find the answer to any of these questions on the web site:

Thanks, Dan

I got a set last year for my KTM 450 EXC. Call him for pricing. They do not come with a harness but I talked to Darryl and he set me up with a package deal for 2 lights and a harness he made (quality shiznit on the harness, perfect fit and function and nice heavy wires. I didn't have to modify anything). The price per light is the same as the long range lights so around 130 each I think. Get the 10 degree. Don't even consider the 20 or really not the 40. The 10 degree has a lot of fill light already with no hot spot. Very smooth spread of light. They will not shine past your high beams but will provide good fill, are very small and will work great for being seen and helping you see better. There is a working giff of all his lights a few pages back and you can see what the 10 degree looks like from that. He had them in stock when I ordered.

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