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2014 ES fitment coming SOON!

After nearly a year of waiting, and months with my Rumbux kit sitting in its box, I just spoke to the dealer and their service department is putting my ES together RIGHT NOW! I should be able to pick it up tonight or some time tomorrow and once I go out and get some tools (mine are all in San Diego with TQO) to do the install, I will be able to see if it all fits correctly! I'll take some pictures along the way and post here as well!

I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. (spoken in your best Ben Stein voice) j/k I'm literally bouncing around over here.

PS the pile of packing material they wrapped the bars in filled my trash bag lol! They send their bars off ready to go through battle before arrival/installation!

PPS in the rumbux kits now instead of bolts and nylock nuts, the skid plate is attached with those retained nuts that were posted... somewhere. The ones that have the metal clip so you can just pull the bolts and drop the pan to access the oil filter. Very happy to see that, saves another purchase.
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