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Airwave mesh / Sand 2 hip protectors

Originally Posted by SamRus View Post
Hey Rev'It!

I've had your mesh Airwave pants and have been wearing them daily during summer seasons since March 2012 until now, for good 5 months each year. They are great pants with great protection, and flow air very well.

My only gripe is that the fabric is uncomfortable against the skin when it's hot out, so I have to wear some sort of under-pants, which cuts down on airflow, and negates the whole purpose of hot-weather mesh pants. My suggestion would be to use some sort of wicking "dry fit" fabric (like underarmor, or nike dry fit) that's used in athletic clothing. That would make these pants absolute best in the world!

Also, thanks for the great products you guys make!
Hey SamRus, it's our pleasure to make great products -- thanks to you for buying them! I've sent a message to our product team about the fabric in the Airwave; they're always looking for good feedback. May I ask, what sort of base layer are you wearing underneath? We do make a summer layer that breathes quite well, if you're looking for something new. It's called the Oxygen, you can find it here. We'll let you know if we hear anything new about the mesh material in the Airwave!

Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
Ok, what does that mean? Is Tryonic no longer going to be the manufacturer of the armor upgrades?

I just received my Sand 2 pants, purchased via and, I suspect based on the tracking info, shipped direct from the Rev'It warehouse in/near NYC. After about an hour of trying to insert the Tryonic Seesoft hip pads, I went to the 'net and found a note on Revzilla's site that there was a change to the '2014' version of some Rev'It pants (link), and only those pants that have the Tryonic label will fit these hip pads. The pants I received do not have this label. I should note that some vendors are including notes that Rev'It no longer includes the foam pads, but my pants did come with them. So, do I have the 'new' style or the 'old'? I don't really care if I have the old or new, but I do want to be able to upgrade to something better than the included foam hip pads, and something that fits the armor pockets properly. Revzilla's suggestion for the SAS-TEC hip protectors in the link above is off, too, as those are a completely different shape from either the foam pads included with the pants or the Seesoft Type B RV01 pads which are supposed to be the matching size for these pants.

So, do I exchange the pants in hopes of getting another pair with the Tryonic label? Or do I return the now useless Tryonic hip pads because there's a 'new' armor that will be available soon that fits the pockets on these (and other?) Rev'It pants? Am I going to have the same problem finding an upgraded back protector for the Sand 2 jacket?
Hi lmychajluk. We took a look into your case; since the pants were just ordered, they should have been the model prepared for the TRYONIC SeeSoft hip protector. I think by now should have contacted you regarding a replacement -- if not, let us know right away and we'll get on it!

Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
Just ordered a pair of the Sand 2 pants and will be picking up the jacket this weekend (after one last fit check).

Can you tell me if the HiVis vest interferes with the attachment points for the neck brace (or vice/versa)?
As for vest, I just put it on a Sand 2 Jacket we have in our showroom to test it out. Depending on the size of your jacket, the HV vest may overlap the neck brace straps a bit, but it does not affect functionality -- they both co-exist happily.

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