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Torla and Pamplona

Finally, I arrive to Torla. It is a small and friendly town resting at shadows of magnificent peaks of Pyrenees. I find a room in a decent priced hotel. The reason for choosing that hotel was actually that two other bikes were parked in front of the hotel.

I meet the owners of these two BMW bikes (1150 GS and 650 GS). A friendly german couple. They have been to many places like USA, South Africa with their bikes. They actually took their own bikes to those places with air freight. I ask them what they think of their bikes. I am curious about these german panzer GSs, I saw so many of these in my Alps trip last year and despite their clumsy look they were driving quite ok in front of me on curvey mountain uphills. I get some information from friendly couple about beemers, reliability, high torque etc. I am curious now, I decide to make a visit to BMW dealer in Stockholm. For info, I drive a red (the fast one) R 1200 GS now

I take a short walk in the streets of Torla. Such a relaxing place, like one of those where it feels that time stands still. Amazing.

This is the view in front of me while drinking my cafe cortado. I can't complain at all

This view is one of my favorites, absolutely breathtaking.

I made a promise to Torla, I will visit her again in my life time.

I fall asleep peacefully in Torla and early tomorrow morning I will drive to Pamplona to see the bull run festival.

It was difficult to leave Torla, maybe I should stay there one more day but I am curious about this bull run in Pamplona so I get on my bike and drive towards Pamplona.

My plan is to see the bull run and then continue to San Sebastian, the bohemian atlantic ocean city of Spain.

After Torla, the landscape gets flatter and immediately temperature rises and it feels on the bike

I arrive to Pamplona and it is really crowded. FInding a secure place to park the bike and changing clothes and leaving it in a hotel lobby takes some time. In that rush, I forget my camera so I don't have my own pictures from the event but here are some pictures I pulled from the internet.

The whole event is kind of absurd actually. There are some freightened bulls and tons of people shout at them, then bulls start to run in narrow streets on wet pavement and fall or hit the walls or people in front of them. There are bunch of crazy people who most probably watched a lot of MTV Jackass and they are running in front of the bulls. THe most dangerous moment is in the entrance to the stadium. The tunnel is narrow and sometimes people got stuck there. I heard that 2-3 people heavily got injured that day in the tunnel. There were also some US college students super excited running in front of the bulls. I hope they didn't come all that way just to run in front of the bulls

I am done here, back on my bike. Destination is San Sebastian. I heard the city is famous with its tapas, I am getting hungry with that thought

to be continued...
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