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As some of you know, I no longer ride events where there is single track, or competition. Raced for too long and no matter how much I tell myself I will ride only for fun and at my own pace... it wont happen. Almost got me in Perry Mountain that Friday when we hit the single tract for fun!

As someone once said if you have more than one motorcycle you have a race.

Anyway - nuff said about that.

BTW - in SERA Enduros when a fast guy catches you, they will "woo woo" as a warning (no horns of course). Smart thing to do is pull over or give them a nod of the helmet or a wave to let em know you will move ASAP... which may not be instantly. They may wait or they may just come around anyway.

In Hare Scramble they just come around period. "Racin aint for pussies mates." not my quote.
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