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Originally Posted by StuInFH View Post
Thanks, welcome back.

After I did the sw update it no longer froze if I put it in mount when on already, but it gave me the External Power Lost message and wouldn't use 12V source. Triple checked my wiring and finally bit the bullet and did a Factory data reset, 60 apps and custom maps installs and all. :-(

It got worse! The message would flash rapidly and randomly and even hung in the background and then eventually would not even respond to my selection to stay on and would just count down to powering off.

I swapped it for a new one. New one gives no message when mounted, but won't use 12V though. Today Support said my 12.85V (bike off) at center pin when grounding to bars and 11.5 when grounding to pin to right of center pin is fine. He put his Monterra in amps mount and said it was acting funny and asked if I got a GOA not responding message. Hmm

Support thinks my mount is bad so they are sending me a new one. It worked ok before the sw "mount fix."

Fingers crossed that a new mount is all I need.
If anyone is my replacement mount from Garmin in mail, hooked it up same as other one and unit recognized being mounted, all is good! After I removed the first/bad one I hooked + and - directly to battery, verified the 12.85V at pin, popped in unit and it worked fine. Hmmm.

Checked the new one's voltage with meter by grounding the meter to the pin next to center pin and then grounded to the bars, got no difference, 12.85 at each. OK, so that was different than the old one, which had a 1V difference doing that. Checked the old one with meter grounding to batt when + was hooked directly to batt and got 12.85.

I had used the same ground point with both when mounted to bike, so only measured difference I can report is that the old one had 1V less at center pin using its ground wire to bike steering head, vs grounding the meter to the bars. Hard to believe that would make a difference to the unit recognizing the mount, but I played with power and grounds for quite a while with old one, jiggling wires and connections and such and couldn't get unit to work (or the voltage to drop). Until the new one arrived!

Will install the old one on DS bike and test it for awhile, on non-critical rides of course. And I won't ground to steering head/fender mount, will ground to harness or direct. Wondering if that is a bad idea, grounding to front end. I usually go to harness for stuff.
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