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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
oh man..

i want a longer one so bad for my new 18 inch wheel Golem project.

how do you make them..!?!?
Breif Version

Well there are a few things to consider.

The twin shock swingarm was my preference due to Final Drive ratio options

What tyre size are you wanting to run?

Can you get that tyre in the centre of the bike?
Some of the conversions I have seen have them off to one side by 5 -10 mm 1/2 inch or more.

Do you want to run twin shocks or single shock?

I am going to run a single WP shock of a KTM i have on the shelf.

How much travel do you want? 300mm (12 inches)?

Once you have this worked out you can start building your Jig to extend the swingarm.

Make a Jig up for the swingarm in the stock position and make it strong!!
There will be a lot of force on the swingarm to 'pull' during welding
Allowing for the swingarm to be extended to desired length.

Basically you then have to remove the webing/ Bracing from the swingarm.
Then cut it Just above the cutout for the wheel on the shaft cover (RHS)
Later model swingarms look easier to modify

Then weld in the new section. Might be good to use another swingarm for the same material then brace accordingly.

Take your shaft to a drive shaft company with a good reputation. Have them cut and extend the shaft by the same as your extension (100mm)

Hope this helps

Pezz :)
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