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Originally Posted by Pezz_gs
Mate That is a nice drawing !!!!

Now my mind is going a million miles an hour . . .

Mind if I use it . . . . .

The rocker Ratio of the linkage is the hard part but obviously doable. I have seen these slung up under the spine, similar to cantilever style but with a pivot like yours.
whatever is mine is yours..

a few years back (year 1999/2000 or something) i was going crazy with the idea of making a modular frame for the R11 engines, (this is before or almost before the 1150 was release)

here are the rest of the concepts, just don't get a stroke or something wrost..

all this drawing were made out with out scale or any other tools more than a compass so some of the proportions are kind of funny..
if you want to see the full resolution files be my guess

this is my own version of the HP2 in 1999 with a half and half, Telelever fork with a up-side down fork inside of it for the really heavy stuff (oviuslly far to heavy but a cool concept none the less.) the side panels from the tank to the cilinder head are sliding protectors in case of a crash like a snow shovel and also are so soppose to duct the air into the cilinder heads to increase the cooling capacity and keep you legs warm also if you want too, ussing a adjustable flap

the Boyscout dream,, same Mainframe (like on the first picture of the linkage but a complete diferent subframe able to carry bags ans heavy loads

then is my own version of a cafe bike, simple city bike

and then My own Paris-dakar racer with the same type front end and a aluminum subframe that works also as a spare tank with details like the blue trim on the tank that serves as a handle just in case you need to lift the bike from a ditch or something and a bash plate with extra storage that follow the shape of the cilinders so the are protected and nothing really gets cut on a branch or something if you crash letting the bike slide freelly until stops with less risk of damage do to a sutten stop.

and here is a drawig made in the year two thousend base on the rumors of the KTM950 with a bicycle rack just for fun.

enjoy and sorry for the highjack of the tread...
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