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Originally Posted by Ricardo Kuhn
Oh man you are a Crafty little fellow are you....

that bike is totally awesome..

i have dreams about something like that for years, just to find a nice, delta box or perimetral frame what will fit on top of the R291engine and call it the day...

did you go any farder with it...!?!?
I will love to see the end result for sure..
No further.

By the timne I worked out the mods to make it all fit and line up it got a bit hard. Thats when I thought about a trellis swingarm. Might just design that for a bit of fun . . .

I was also leaning towards a Adventure Bike. So fell on the back burner

Still have the frame and stuff. Sold the swingarm.
It would be possible to fit the 1100/1150 Oilhead engine Gearbox and backend into the R1 Frame. You just have to make a few trimmings.

Might get around to it one day . . .

After I finish the 'Wolfenfighter'

Pezz :)
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